I see every interior space as an artist would see a blank canvas, or a composer would see blank staves of sheet music. Music, in its simplest form, is a string of differently pitched and timed sounds, expertly strung together to form a cohesive whole, a melody with a purpose, personality, mood and a story.

I apply these same principles in a three dimensional space with surfaces, light, furnishings and finishes to form a cohesive story with a purpose, personality, mood and a story. And, as with music, the permutations are infinite. My interior design and decorating work is focused on telling the story, reflecting the personality and fulfilling the purpose required by, of the homeowner or brand promise of the company – each one as unique as the client.



My ideal client is a person or organisation who wants to reflect their unique brand/personality in the space without compromising purpose and practicality. My ideal client has a budget and appreciate getting things done right the first time.

  • Any person or company wanting to improve their home or work environment
  • Residential – whole houses or individual rooms
  • Home improvements and renovations
  • Building projects (residential and commercial) – forming part of the professional construction team for the journey of the project
  • Commercial – general upgrades, receptions, work space offices, boardrooms, call centres
  • Retail – shop design and fitting, canteens, restaurants
  • Hospitality – understanding tourism grading requirements



  • Full-service, from inception to completion solutions
  • Space planning
  • Space and interior design
  • Interior consulting
  • Optimising working environment space (for health and productivity, always working closely with organisational vision and brand identity)
  • Curtains and soft upholstery
  • Custom made furniture
  • Licensed through selected suppliers of home ware including fabrics, shutters, paints, sanitary ware, floors and art
  • Bespoke products for home and office through partnering manufacturers